Dry Eye Affects up to 35% Worldwide

Dry Eye Syndrome affects between 5 and 35 percent of the population worldwide. In the US alone, some 5 million people, age 50 and over, suffer from chronic moderate-to-severe Dry Eye. Millions more suffer from the disease intermittently.

Up to 35 percent of the worldwide population are affected by Dry Eye

The symptoms can make life miserable, affecting the sufferer’s ability to live a normal life, earn a living, and even perform simple daily tasks. Severe cases can be extremely debilitating and even disabling.

A Website About Dry Eye Syndrome

In recent years, more and more television commercials and ads have appeared marketing eye drops that are intended to alleviate symptoms. However, many sufferers — especially those with more advanced cases of the disease — find no relief with these treatments, while eye care providers frequently offer little else besides warm compresses and eye lid wipes.

In other cases, doctors misdiagnose symptoms or tell patients their symptoms are psychosomatic or “all in their heads.” This leaves patients who are suffering bewildered because they know their pain is real, and they want to know its cause. Frustrated, they search for information, but the information they find is often incorrect, outdated, or lacks credibility.

Until now.

Our website, written from the perspective of patients who have experienced the debilitating symptoms and found treatment that alleviated these symptoms, and gave them back their lives, provides credible and up-to-date information about Dry Eye Syndrome.

The purpose of our website, is to help the Dry Eye sufferer, their loved ones, and health care providers obtain a comprehensive understanding of the disease, its symptoms, the co-morbidities (diseases or conditions that occur at the same time) that are often present, and the various treatment options available.


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View the full report.

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