Susan Howell

Susan Howell’s battle with chronic Dry Eye began in the fall of 2014. She suffered with a wide range of symptoms that left her with red, swollen, and painful eyes. At times it felt as if sand was imbedded in them.

During the next two years she visited many eye care specialist and was diagnosed with MGD, evaporative and aqueous Dry Eye, and conjunctivochalasis. She also had a pinguecula in one eye. The typically recommended treatments gave her no relief. After two years she finally found a Dry Eye specialist who treated all of her conditions. She remains under his care.

Susan was born and raised in New York. She worked in the airline industry in Florida, retiring after 20 years on the job. An avid gardener, she currently lives in North Central Florida where she completed both the Master Gardener Volunteer Program and the Florida Master Naturalist Program.

Susan loves nature and spends as much time as she can outdoors. For four years she wrote a monthly nature column for her local newspaper. She currently volunteers as an educator, speaking about environmental concerns and gardening for the Nature Coast Master Gardener Program. Her hobbies include creating stained glass and mosaic art pieces, photography, and reading, all activities that require comfortable eyes. She has also contributes blogs to Not A Dry Eye and its Stories of Hope series.

For Susan and her husband, their home is their sanctuary. They share it with their two dogs, Bindi and Baxter, six spoiled cats, and an awesome butterfly garden. They also have two sons and two adorable grandsons.

Until a true cure is found for chronic Dry Eye, Susan says she will be reaching out to those who suffer daily, both physically and emotionally, from this horrible disease. She says she will reach out because everyone needs hope.

“Hope was with me then, securely tucked in my back pocket. And it’s still with me now.” Susan Howell’s Story of Hope