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Susie Brockman’s Story of Hope

My story of hope begins over 15 years ago when mucus filaments began forming on my corneas. Each time I blinked, the filaments would scratch my corneas, and my eyes would become inflamed. They became sensitive to light, and I started seeing an ophthalmologist up to three times a week…

Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Blinker? YES!

Eventually I noticed that in photographs I was always the one caught blinking, making me look like I’d had an adult beverage, or two, too many. Who knew there was such a thing as being a bad blinker?…

Are You Treating Your Dry Eye or Someone Else’s?

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another person, because all of our Dry Eye conditions are unique and special to each of us, just like our fingerprints…

Managing Dry Eye Today and Every Day

Whenever I run into someone who tells me they have Dry Eye, one of the first questions I ask is how they manage it. I want to know their diagnosis and the treatments they’ve been prescribed…

Doctors Comment on Climate Change. Why Should You Care?

Anyone with moderate or severe Dry Eye symptoms knows how much the environment influences how their eyes feel each day…

The Dry Eye Roller Coaster. Will You Ever Get Off?

You probably remember a time before you had any symptoms. Now it’s like you’re taking an endless ride on the Dry Eye roller coaster…

11 Tips for a Better Dry Eye Day

In my last blog post I promised to share 11 tips for keeping busy because, if you have Dry Eye symptoms, keeping busy can help distract you from your symptoms and give you some relief. Here they are…

4 Steps for a Better Life with Dry Eye

What’s a Dry Eye sufferer supposed to do to end the suffering and find relief? These are four steps I took that got me on track to finally feeling better…

This Should Never Happen, But Sadly Did

This is the true story of a young woman, 31 years old, who lived on the other side of the world while suffering with Dry Eye. We felt it important to share her story with our readers to raise awareness of the struggles and tragedy that can result from this condition…

One Radical Way to Help Dry Eye Patients

Dry Eye is an imprecise term for a host of conditions that can co-exist but that just doesn’t sound that bad. It’s not as serious as cancer. And it’s not an emergency like a heart attack. So what it is it? Just a little dryness in the eyes. Right?…

#1 New Year’s Resolution for Dry Eye Patients

Still looking for a New Year’s resolution? Here are 10 different ones to pick from, including our #1 New Year’s Resolution for Dry Eye patients…

Warning – Dry Eye is the Worst Houseguest Ever

Dry Eye is the worst house guest ever for one very simple reason. It never comes by itself. It’s always dragging around countless other family members who want to stay for a long, long time. Think you’re only hosting aqueous deficiency? Think again…

12 Reasons why Painful Dry Eye Symptoms Don’t Stop

Patients often complain that even after they’ve started treatment, their painful Dry Eye symptoms don’t stop. Here are 12 reasons why Dry Eye symptoms don’t stop and sometimes just keep coming back…

Supporting Dry Eye Patients on Their Journey to Healing?

For many Dry Eye patients managing the disease is the journey of a lifetime. Those of us who embarked on the journey to healing, know that lots of people helped us reach our destination. Family members, friends, neighbors…

Finding it Hard to Trust Your Doctor?

There’s a scene in the 2016 movie Miracles from Heaven that’s probably all too familiar for some Dry Eye patients. When 5-year-old Anna Beam goes to the ER for the umpteenth time with stomach pains…

Giving Patients a Voice: Letter to TFOS DEWS II

Should patients have a voice? A letter offering the Dry Eye patient perspective to the TFOS DEWS II committee members…

Research Roundup – Lacrimal Glands, Quality of Life, Contact Lenses, and Demodex Mites

In our first Research Roundup we present five studies. The first four, published this year, may give some Dry Eye patients hope. The fifth, from last year, reveals new insights about demodex mites. The topics of these studies themselves show how complex Dry Eye really is…

Revolutionary New Miracle Drug for Dry Eye?

Have you seen the TV ads with Jennifer Aniston describing her dry, itchy eyes and telling you to see an eye doctor about your Dry Eye symptoms?…

Susan Howell’s Story of Hope

Hope — such a tiny word that carries so much weight, especially for those of us who suffer from chronic Dry Eye…

Summer break from blogging

We are on a summer break from blogging and will resume in the fall. Have a good summer!…

Sue Vandepanne Answers Readers’ Questions

Sue Vandepanne answers readers’ questions about why she wears contact lenses daily and why it’s important to find a good doctor…

Sue Vandepanne’s Story of Hope

It’s been twenty one months since I developed this horrible Dry Eye disease. Back then my symptoms were unbearable. My eyes were scratchy and gritty. I could hardly keep them open they hurt so much. It felt like I had foreign objects in my eyes. There were days I didn’t want to get up in the morning and I couldn’t wait to go to bed at night. Actually that was true on most days!…

4 Great Resources to Help You Get to Your Doctor

Travel and transportation issues are faced by many Dry Eye sufferers. Here are a few resources for patients in the U.S., where there are both government programs and volunteer organizations, that can help with travel and transportation…

4 Distractions to Help You Get Through the Day

Temporary relief can sometimes be achieved with distractions that direct the mind toward something other than the symptom. This works because the mind is able to…

Diana’s Story of Hope

Three years ago I suffered with symptoms of severe Dry Eye. My eyes constantly felt dry, irritated, and gritty, and were sensitive to light. My eyes were so uncomfortable that they interfered with my work and social life. Making matters even worse, no doctor I saw was to be able to diagnose my conditions or relieve my symptoms. Now I know it’s possible to get Dry Eye symptoms under control.

Asking for Help Doesn’t Need to be Hard. 11 Practical Tips.

Somewhere along the way, we’ll all need someone else’s help. And asking for help is a skill that can be learned. Here a few practical tips that can help you when you need to ask for help.

Contact Lenses and Dry Eye

Research on contact lenses and Dry Eye Syndrome has recently been in the news. One study examined the role of the lipid layer in tear film and how that might impact contact lens design. The other looked at the microbiome in the eyes of contact lens wearers.

Stories of Hope – William’s Wife

This true story is the first in our series Stories of Hope. These stories, about people who have triumphed over their Dry Eye symptoms, will inspire you and give you hope. In this story, William Cravey tells us about his wife who had suffered with Dry Eye since before 1997 and how she finally was able find relief.

8 Tips for Managing Dry Eye and MGD Symptoms

Even if you have an excellent doctor treating you for Dry Eye or meibomian gland dysfunction, there are lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your symptoms.

Pop, Gritty, and Probe

If you have had your meibomian glands probed, you probably remember hearing loud “pops” as the probe pierced through a band of fibrotic tissue (periductal fibrosis) somewhere along the length of the gland.

Common Sense, Intuition, and MGD

Dr. Robert Wachter gets our vote. At TEDMED 2015 he told the audience that professional intuition is under assault. That’s how we feel when some doctors disparage meibomian gland probing.

Is It Getting Worse?

An article we found late last year on Medscape puzzled us. In it the reporter, Diana Swift, concluded that “despite the general perception, dry eye disease does not necessarily worsen over time.”

Blog Break

If you’re wondering why we haven’t had any new blog posts lately, it’s because we’re modifying its landing page so it will be easier to find topics you might be interested in.

Scleral Lenses – 5 Years Later

We’re pleased to learn that after 5 years, PROSE lenses, a type of scleral lens fitted at Boston Foundation for Sight, are still helping about ¾ of the people who have them and who suffer with Dry Eye.

More Training for UK Doctors

We came across this story today: “New research reveals an alarming, self-acknowledged gap in family doctors’ skills when it comes to diagnosing and treating patient’s eye conditions.”

New Year’s Resolution: Right Diagnosis

Value-based care, a new buzzword describing mechanisms to reduce the costs of healthcare, is something many of us are already all too familiar with.

Causes of Dry Eye Pain

One of the reasons we started the Not A Dry Eye Foundation was the frustration we felt when confronted by physicians who dismissed our symptoms as being “something we would learn to live with” or “all in our heads.”

The Most Commonly Prescribed Treatments – Part 2

Other results of the Expert Opinion study were also indicative of the insufficient Dry Eye treatment so many have received.

The Most Commonly Prescribed Treatments – Part 1

A recent study published on BioMed Central may explain why Dry Eye sufferers often receive treatments that are ineffective or inadequate.

Tax-deductible Donations

If you’re thinking about making a tax-deductible donation to a charity this holiday season, please consider donating to Not A Dry Eye Foundation.

Patient Forums

Many of you have expressed interest in participating in our on-line, audio Patient Forums. We want to assure you that these will be launched soon.

Knowledge, Support, Hope

After months of preparation, the Not A Dry Eye Foundation is proudly launching its website and proceeding with its mission — promoting awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome. This Should Never Happen, But Sadly DidThis Should Never Happen, But Sadly Did4 Steps for a Better Life with Dry EyeIs There Such a Thing as a Bad Blinker? YES!Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Blinker? YES!Susie Brockman’s Story of Hope