Founding Board Members

Who We Are

As you get to know the founding board members of the Not A Dry Eye Foundation below, you may ask yourself: How did people of such diverse backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, education, and lifestyles, spanning geography coast-to-coast, and South-to-North, ever find each other, to come together and pursue raising awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome?

You will read each Founding Member’s story. You will discover firsthand the common themes that drove them, and ultimately inspired them, to join in the common cause of raising awareness about this debilitating condition and educating those who suffer from it, those who support as caregivers, and those who treat as healing professionals. Each personal account reveals a desperate search as hope drained away: a quest for answers, and more — for relief and surcease from the pain, disabling symptoms, and constant worry. Each quest led him/her to Dr. Steven L. Maskin – and, to discover each other, their common purpose, and to realize, once and for all, they are not alone.

We hope by reading about us that you will discover, you are not alone either.

Natalia Warren, Chair

Natalia was diagnosed with Dry Eye in October 2010. Her symptoms quickly became worse, and by August 2011 she was no longer able to keep her eyes opened because of extreme pain, despite seeing many specialists at some of the leading eye clinics in the United States…Read more

Diana Adelman, Treasurer, Executive Director

Diana suffered with Dry Eye for many years and, as she aged, her symptoms worsened. In June 2013, she woke with a bright red right eye. A doctor told her it was a virus that would go away on its own. It did, but returned the following week. For the next 3 months, Diana suffered…Read more

Kristen Leighton, Director

Kristen was diagnosed with dry eye syndrome in 2012, having worn contact lenses for twenty-five years. Over the course of eight months, she consulted half a dozen ophthalmologists on the east coast without finding relief. An internet search finally led her to…Read more

Paul Norris, Director

Paul’s eye trouble began in June of 2006. At first, his eyes felt dry, itchy, and gritty. They burned and were sensitive to light (photophobia). His eyelids were also very sensitive and painful. Paul’s condition gradually worsened. Eventually he developed eye pain and could no longer wear contact lenses…Read more

Arlene Mellion, Director

While living in the desert Southwest, Arlene was diagnosed with Dry Eye. She underwent various treatments to relieve her symptoms, including Restasis, surgery for lagophthalmos, and IPL.  None of these seemed to help…Read more