Not A Dry Foundation hosts several types of live and online events for patients with Dry Eye.

Retreats for Dry Eye patients, families, and friends. Get away from it all and immerse yourself in a nurturing environment with other Dry Eye patients. Connect. Learn. Share your stories. Make a difference.

Ask a Doctor puts you in direct contact with an ophthalmologist specializing in Dry Eye Syndrome and the many co-morbidities.

Patient Forums put patients, their families, and friends who are in remote locations in touch with each other so they can share tips for coping with Dry Eye and give each other hope and support.

Dry Eye patient Support Group

Patient Support Groups are for adults who struggle to understand their Dry Eye symptoms. Patients can connect with other patients in person, learn more about their symptoms, and support each other through their shared experience.

Registration is required for all  events.

There is a small fee for attending online events to cover the cost of communications technology.

Coming soon we will have an Event Calendar for the schedule of upcoming and past events.