Susie Brockman, Director

Suffering over 15 years with Dry Eye, and almost losing hope, Susie visited multiple ophthalmologists trying to find relief. Eventually even her primary ophthalmologist, unable to help, told her not to return.

Susie’s Dry Eye journey finally began to improve after finding a specialist in Tampa, FL via an internet search. At that point, her eyes felt as if they had crushed glass in them. She was completely blind outdoors, very light sensitive indoors, and in constant pain.

Giving Others Hope

Because of her personal experience, Susie understands how frustrating it can be to search for the right Dry Eye treatment. This is just one reason why she has enormous compassionate for others who suffer with the disease. She has counseled many sufferers across the globe, always hoping no one would have to suffer as much and long as she did. Susie’s blog posts and her Story of Hope are among the most frequently viewed pages on this website. 

Susie was born and raised in Texas. She has worked in a variety of industries including oil and gas, chemical specialties, satellite communications, environmental, and nuclear. She is currently the Marketing Lead for AMETEK ORTEC, a manufacturing company specializing in High Purity Germanium nuclear detectors. In her position she specializes in trade shows, websites, new product introductions, trademarks, and search engine optimization.

Susie is active in church activities. She is currently serving her fifth year as a deacon and second year as a member of the missions committee. She enjoys travelling and has participated in four mission trips in the past six years. Three of these were international.

Susie has a BA in Communications from the University of Houston. She resides in Knoxville, TN with her husband John and three golden retrievers. Storm, Sunshine, and Hurricane all serve as HABIT therapy dogs.