Not A Dry Eye Foundation Launches Website

November 16, 2015
New York – Not A Dry Eye Foundation has launched a website with the aim of raising awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome and related co-morbidities.

“Studies have shown that 98-99% of patients want information about their options,” said co-founder, chair, and executive director Natalia Warren. “Our website is a terrific resource because it contains credible and comprehensive information about Dry Eye Syndrome and related co-morbidities,” she added.

Dry Eye effects between 5 and 35 percent of the population worldwide. Doctors typically prescribe lubricating eye drops, warm compresses, lid wipes, or Restasis — all of which may help in mild or moderate cases of the disease. But, with serious cases, there can also be serious co-morbidities such as conjunctivochalasis. This wrinkling of the tissue that covers the white of the eye is frequently missed or misdiagnosed as ocular neuropathy or even psychosomatic disorder.

“Our goal is to be a source of credible information so that patients who need help, but may be losing hope, know that there are many options available to them,” said co-founder and board member Arlene Mellion. “Knowledge is power and we want everyone who suffers with the disease to feel that they are not powerless,” she continued.

The website includes a searchable database of comprehensive information about the disease where patients and doctors can learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. The website hosts an online forum, Ask the Doctor, where patient questions are answered by an ophthalmologist specializing in Dry Eye Syndrome or other health care providers who are experts in their fields. The website also hosts patient forums that serve as support groups for Dry Eye sufferers.

“The limited knowledge health care providers have about Dry Eye Syndrome causes people to travel long distances and even to other countries to seek treatment for their debilitating symptoms,” noted co-founder and board member Paul Norris. “I know because I had to travel from my home outside Toronto, Canada to Tampa, Florida to get relief,” he added. If there had been a resource like the Not A Dry Eye website, Norris thinks he may have been more successful with his Canadian doctors. “I could have directed my doctors to the All About Dry Eye link and maybe they would have learned something that could have helped me,” he concluded.

A unique feature of the website is that all of the content is available in audio. “Many dry eye patients have difficulty reading because of the disabling pain and discomfort they experience,” explained Warren. “We had to eliminate this barrier so that patients could get the information they need without having to experience even more pain,” she concluded.

Not A Dry Eye Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt organization founded by Dry Eye patients committed to promoting awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome.

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