How to Set Up a Magnifying Mirror at Home

Ideally, you will have a magnifying mirror in your bathroom, or other brightly lit area, set up at eye level, as measured when you are in the shoes you normally wear around the home.

If you are unable to find a strong magnifying mirror that can attach to a wall and has a telescoping arm, so you can bring the mirror close to your face, you can set up your own stand with a magnifying mirror. It’s not attractive, but it allows for hands-free, magnified viewing of your eyes.

You will need:

  • Table vice grip
  • 3-4 feet of a 1-inch wide stick or lathe material
  • 6-inch length of stick
  • 2 small nails, and a hammer
  • 1 small picture hanging hook
  • 2 magnifying mirrors, with at least 15x magnification, although 10x is also good. One mirror should have a hinged base.
  1. Place the vice on the counter top. If it is a heavy vice it will stand without tipping.
  2. If it is a light weight, or mini vice, use the suction to secure the vice to the counter top.
  3. Place the stick in the mouth of the vice and tighten the vice grip until the stick is secure.
  4. Hold one mirror at eye level against the stick. (Be sure you are wearing the shoes you will normally wear when you determine eye level). Locate where you will need to hammer the nail so that the mirror will hang at eye level. Hammer the nail and picture hanger.
  5. Nail the 6-inch stick about 8 inches above the picture hook.
  6. Hang one mirror from the picture hanger.
  7. Lay the mirror with the hinged base against the stick at the top so that the mirror is almost horizontal. You will use this horizontal mirror when you look up to instill eye drops or irrigate your eyes.