Keeping Track of Drops, Medications, and Symptoms

After surgery and during treatment for a variety of Dry Eye diseases, you may be told to use several types of eye drops, or ointments, as well as oral medications or supplements. You may need to put different drops in each eye at different times several times a day, and this can become difficult to keep track of

For help keeping track of your medications, you can use this Excel template and modify it as you wish.

List any oral medications or supplements you take. List all the drops or ointments you use. If you apply warm compresses, list that as well. Make a check in the box when you take the medications. If you take something frequently, write down the exact time you take it. This will help you keep track of all of the medications that you need to take.

If you experience any adverse side effects, or if you have a good results, write that down in the Comments section. This will help you, and your doctor, get the best results from your treatment.