Test Limitations

The tests described on this website are helpful in diagnosing Dry Eye and related co-morbidities. It is important that physicians employ a comprehensive diagnostic methodology so that symptoms are not dismissed, overlooked, or ignored. As the Delphi panelists agreed, “commonly available clinical diagnostic tests did not correlate with symptoms, should not be used in isolation to establish the diagnosis of DTS (Dysfunctional Tear Syndrome a.k.a. Dry Eye Syndrome), and were of minimal value in the assessment of disease severity.”

In other words, when diagnosing, it may be even more important to listen to the patient’s description of symptoms than it is to look for signs of disease with various tests.


Dysfunctional tear syndrome: a Delphi approach to treatment recommendations
Behrens A, et. al.
2006 Sep;25(8):900-7.
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