Eye pain and discomfort can be terrifying, especially if it is chronic and has had a debilitating impact on your quality of life. Eye pain and discomfort can be even more terrifying when doctors are unable to diagnose the cause of the pain. Terror is exacerbated because we have been conditioned to believe that doctors are infallible, and are here to help us. Unfortunately, many doctors do not understand the complexities of Dry Eye Syndrome, leaving many sufferers without the support of a qualified professional who can effectively diagnose and prescribe treatments.

When this happens, you might even feel terribly alone, or that you are a “freak of nature,” with a disease that is undiagnosable. Rest assured, you are not.

Making things worse, some eye care professional may blame eye pain on psychosomatic factors. This does little to allay a Dry Eye sufferers fears. Imagine the distress felt by those with Dry Eye who were part of a British study that concluded that their eye pain was psychosomatic.

Because severe Dry Eye symptoms can be isolating, fear and terror can be exacerbated.

Keep looking for a qualified doctor who can accurately diagnose your symptoms, and treat them. Once you get some relief, and your faith in the medical profession (or at least one doctor) is restored, your fear or terror will dissipate.