The Eyes Only Feel the Symptom that is the Worst

Perhaps because of the high concentration of nerves in the eye, the eyes feel only the symptom that is the worst at any given moment. Often individuals complain that they have undergone treatment but the pain or discomfort persists or now they have different pain or discomfort. The reason for the persistent or different pain or discomfort is that the symptoms for the condition that was treated are now gone and the symptoms of a condition that was probably always there has come into focus.

It is easy to feel frustrated when some new condition crops up unexpectedly. But it is important not to despair and to continue to seek care and treatment. Talk to your doctor and be as specific as you can about your new or persistent symptoms. It is quite likely that you just need to continue or pursue a new course of treatment.

Of course, be mindful of treatments that are not effective or that may cause harm. This can be tricky especially because so many of us are willing to try anything. And if a doctor does nothing more than prescribe lubricating drops, warm compresses, lid scrubs and massages, along with oral Omega-3 supplements, and you still do not feel relief, it may be time to find a new doctor.

There is a simple test to verify the phenomenon that the eyes only feel the worst symptom, a phenomenon that we call “tight shoes.”

  1. Place a damp wash cloth into the microwave for 4 seconds.
  2. Press the 4-second wash cloth gently to one eye. You will feel the warmth.
  3. Place a second wet wash cloth into the microwave for 8 seconds. The point is to have two wash clothes, one that is warmer than the other.
  4. While the 4-second wash cloth is still on one eye, place the 8-second wash cloth on the other eye.
  5. After a moment you will feel only the heat from the warmer 8-second wash cloth, and you will no longer feel the heat from the 4-second wash cloth.
  6. Remove the warmer wash cloth from your eye.
  7. After a few seconds you will feel the heat of the 4-second wash cloth.