Cliradex is an over-the-counter, preservative-free lash, eyelid, and facial cleanser that contains a special variety of therapeutic tee tree oil known to kill demodex mites. Some people find the menthol sensation produced by Cliradex to be cooling and soothing. Although Cliradex is safe and effective, some may develop sensitivities to the ingredients in Cliradex.

Depending on your condition and tolerance level, your doctor may tell you to  leave Cliradex on, or to rinse it off, after wiping your eye lids.

Some people cut the wipe into small pieces to make it last longer.

If the Cliradex solution is too strong, or irritates your eyes too much, squeeze a small amount from the pad into the palm of your hand and dilute with an equal amount of chlorine-free water. Return the pad to its foil pouch and store in a clean container, with a tight lid, for later use. Rub the diluted solution onto your eye lashes and around your eyes with a clean finger.

People who are sensitive to Cliradex sometimes use it in the shower where they can rinse it off thoroughly.


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