Corticosteroid Drops and Ointments

Short term use of corticosteroid (steroid) drops and ointments can help reduce acute inflammation, and may be prescribed after punctal cautery or surgery.

As long as there are no contraindications (reasons not to use them), steroids can be a safe and effective treatment for inflammation of the conjunctiva, lids, lid margins, and meibomian glands. Patients should use only steroids prescribed by doctors for the length of time prescribed. Patients may also be told to reduce dosage, over a period of time, rather than stopping the steroid immediately.

Long term use of steroids is not recommended because this can lead to thinning of the cornea.

Prescriptions for most ophthalmic steroids are available at most drug stores. Compounded steroids, e.g.: preservative-free formulations, may be ordered from a compounding pharmacy such as Leiter’s Compounding Pharmacy in California.

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