Glasses that Fog

A Japanese company, Masunaga Optical, developed eyeglasses that fog, making users blink more frequently. The glasses may prevent the eyes from drying out by prompting a reflexive blink.

The glasses, Wink Glasses 2013, were developed for people in the IT industry, and others, who tend to overwork their eyes. The glasses fog for 0.2 seconds in 10-second intervals. They can also be adjusted to fog for 0.1 seconds.

Wink Blink Glasses

Blinking every 10 seconds may not be enough for someone who’s TBUT is less than 10 seconds.

The glasses are powered by a small battery in the left arm. Pressing a switch on the right arm makes the weak electrical current automatically cut off for 0.2 seconds once every 10 seconds, causing liquid crystal sheets on the lenses to momentarily fog up.

The glasses are available where Masunaga Optical products are sold.