Improve Blinking

Some doctors suggest blinking exercises to promote the secretion of meibum or aqueous tears. Some exercises are designed to improve blinking itself. It’s always important to talk to your doctor before trying any new treatment.

Before Reading

To secrete and spread meibum and aqueous tears before reading or using a computer, follow these steps:

Step 1. Blink quickly 30 times
Step 2. Rest for one minute
Step 3. Repeat

A Better Blink

To produce a generally better blink, follow these steps proposed by Dr. Andrew Gasson:

Blink exercises can improve blinking.

Step 1. Relax
Step 2. Close eyes
Step 3. Pause for three seconds
Step 4. Open just slightly wider than normal
Step 5. Pause in the wide open position pause for a moment
Step 6. Close

Repeat 10 times, 15 times per day.


Here’s another exercise suggested by doctors.

First, make sure you’re blinking correctly by placing a finger at the corners of each eye. Then

Close – Pause – Pause – Open – Relax

You shouldn’t feel any  movement under your fingers.

Next, perform the exercise:

Close – Pause – Pause – Squeeze – Open – Relax

You should only feel movement under your fingers during the squeeze. Squeeze the lids gently. Don’t squint.

Do the exercise frequently. Some suggest at least once every waking hour for two weeks. Some suggest even more frequently e.g.: once every 20 minutes.

Blink Reminders

A Japanese eye glass company manufacturers glasses that fog every few seconds. The fog clears when you blink.


Try a Google search for apps that remind you to do the exercises as often as you need to.