Moisture Chamber Goggles

Moisture chamber goggles reduce the tear film’s evaporation rate, and can help with aqueous deficiency and evaporative dry eye. They can be worn alone, or under other glasses. Wrap around glasses are another option.

Sleeping with moisture chamber goggles may help improve the comfort of your eyes, and is a necessity if you sleep with your eyes opened or have been diagnosed with nocturnal lagophthalmos.

Soft moisture chamber goggles are easier to sleep in than ones with rigid frames.

Eye Eco moisture chamber goggles come in clear silicone or opaque black, with different strap options. A standard strap is probably sufficient if your hair is long. Place the strap under your hair to help secure the goggles when you sleep.

In the UK, moisture chamber goggles are available at Butterflies Eyecare.

It is best to sleep on your back when sleeping with moisture chamber goggles to keep them from falling off, or pressing into your face.

If your hair is short, place a cloth eye mask over the moisture chamber goggles, or tie a scarf or bandana around your head, to help keep them in place when you sleep.

Wash moisture chamber goggles daily with a mild soap or baby shampoo, and hang them to dry, to reduce the risk of infections.

Moisture chamber goggles allow some air to reach the eye, an important factor because oxygen is important to eye health.