Taping Eyes Closed

Instead of sleeping with moisture chamber goggles to prevent symptoms of Dry Eye, some people try taping their eyes closed when they sleep with surgical, or other, tape. Some people try placing the tape directly over the eyes. Some people place a barrier, like a cotton ball or a small piece of sterile gauze, between their eyes and the tape.

Some people use plastic food wrap, taping the food wrap to the skin of the face around the eyes. Some people use plastic food wrap that is self-adhesive.

Taping eyes completely closed is usually not a good idea because some oxygen needs to get into the eye to maintain health and prevent fungal, or bacterial, overgrowth.

Taping the eyes closed without using a barrier to protect the eye lashes, skin of the eye lids, skin around the eyes, or eyebrows can cause damage when the tape is removed.

Placing a barrier, even a small fluffy barrier like a cotton ball, between the eye and the tape, puts pressure on the eye ball all night long, which is usually not recommended.

Cotton balls, used as a barrier, leave behind fuzz that can be irritating to the eyes.