Treating Anterior Blepharitis

Anterior blepharitis treatment focuses on hygiene and reducing the bacterial load on the eye lids, lashes, and lid margins. Good hygiene can help control the symptoms of anterior blepharitis. Because blepharitis can be an ongoing problem, it is important to regularly clean the eyelids, eye lashes, and skin around the eyes. You can also wash your hair, scalp, and eyebrows with antibacterial shampoo to help control anterior blepharitis.

Chronic anterior blepharitis may require life-long care to control symptoms. Many of the treatments for anterior blepharitis are also used for other conditions, e.g.: posterior blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

A 2012 systematic review of available literature concluded that there is limited evidence supporting the effectiveness of the many commercial over-the-counter products available for the treatment of anterior and posterior blepharitis.

Antibiotic Drops and Ointments
Eyelid Scrubs/Wipes/Cleansers
Lid Hygiene
Lid Margin Debridement


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