Patient Forums

Not A Dry Eye hosts patient forums so that Dry Eye sufferers, their friends, and families can connect, share tips, and give each other hope and support.

Registration is required. Space is limited, so register early.

Patient forums are informal events hosted by a Not A Dry Eye member. Depending on the number of participants there may be one forum “room” or there may be several “rooms.” You will be assigned to a room arbitrarily.

Patient forums last approximately one hour, and are presented in the following format:

  1. Welcome by host
  2. Participants introductions including: name, profession, hometown, number of months/years suffering with Dry Eye, present symptoms (rated on a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being the “worst pain ever.”
  3. Comments and questions from participants

Coming soon we will have an Event Calendar you can check for upcoming forums.