Fear of Getting a Haircut

For someone with sensitive eyes due to Dry Eye, delayed tear clearance, or other co-morbidities associated with Dry Eye, getting a haircut can be very scary because there are so many things at the salon or barber shop that can make eyes feel even worse. Some people have fear of getting a haircut and others may even avoid getting theirs cut altogether. This fear and avoidance is different from a phobia or a mental disorder because the fear is not unfounded and is based on the high probability of an adverse event.

Dry Eye sufferers may have fear of getting a haircut.
Dry Eye sufferers may have fear of getting a haircut.

There are many things that could irritate eyes during a haircut including:

  • Getting a hair, your own or someone else’s, in the eyes
  • A blow dryer blowing in the eyes
  • Fumes from shampoos, conditioners, dyes, perfumes, soaps, or something else, that can trigger or exacerbate symptoms
  • The stylist breathing close to the face and eyes
  • Water, shampoo, or conditioner splashing or dribbling into the eyes
  • Lint from towels getting in the eyes
  • Billows of hair and dust raised when the floors are swept

For some people with Dry Eye a haircut poses many risks, and they develop a fear of getting a haircut. Too many things could make their eyes feel even worse.