More Training for UK Doctors

We came across this story today:

New research reveals an alarming, self-acknowledged gap in family doctors’ skills when it comes to diagnosing and treating patient’s eye conditions.

The Vision of Britain report, commissioned by Optegra Eye Health Care, shows that more than three in 10 GPs (32 per cent) say they feel ‘de-skilled’ in diagnosing eye conditions, reflecting the immense pressures and workload on these doctors.

And 44 per cent of GPs say that they feel less confident in dealing with eye conditions than any other part of the body.

Yet more than a quarter of British adults (26 per cent) turn to their GP, rather than an optician, for help if they have an eye problem.

Two in five GPs (40 per cent) surveyed for Vision of Britain state they need more, or refresher, training on all eye conditions.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis, GP and medical broadcaster, says: “As a doctor, I’m only too aware of how little in-depth training I had in dealing with everyday eye problems like dry eye and short-sight. Yet they affect so many patients. It is vital that GPs on the frontline have ongoing support in diagnosing their patients accurately and confidently so they can be put on the right treatment path.

That’s great. Let’s hope the UK’s general practitioners are open to receiving training that covers the entire spectrum of Dry Eye diagnosis and treatment, from mild to severe and everything in between. And then let’s hope that training is expanded to eye doctors.


New report reveals UK GPs lack confidence in diagnosing eye conditions
Adapted Media Release
Medical News Today
January 4, 2016
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