Sue VandePanne Answers Readers’ Questions

Sue Vandepanne answers readers questions
Sue VandePanne answers readers’ questions

Many of you read our last blog post, Sue VandePanne’s Story of Hope, and some of you sent in questions. Sue answers some of these questions below.

Question from Walter:

Why do you say over and over again that we need to keep looking for a doctor if we have Dry Eye?

Sue’s Answer:

It’s important to look for a doctor who can diagnose all of your conditions and treat them. Although everyone with Dry Eye has some form of the disease, all of our specific conditions aren’t the same. If your specific set of conditions aren’t diagnosed, then you probably won’t be treating the conditions you have. And there are many conditions that only a doctor can diagnose and treat.

Sue Vandepanne
Sue VandePanne

Conjunctivochalasis (loosening and wrinkling of the clear tissue that covers the white part of the eye and the inner part of the eye lid) is one of these. You can’t see it in a mirror. And there’s no over-the-counter treatment.

Question from Elizabeth:

What condition does a wet contact lens treat? Does it hurt when you take them out or put them in?

Sue’s Answer:

It doesn’t hurt when I take the contacts out or put them in. I developed dry spots on one of my cornea so my doctor put in a bandage contact lens. That contact protected my eye from the environment and stayed in for two weeks. While it was in, I used antibiotic drops to prevent an infection. Because my eye felt much better with the bandage lens, my doctor suggested that I should try daily disposable contacts – the wettest available – to see if those would work for me long term. My optometrist suggested Dailies Total 1 because they have so much moisture in them. He said people that could never wear contacts can wear these. So nine months ago I started using them and they have been a life saver. There are days, especially when I’m outside, that my eyes still bother me. But I’m so much better overall.

Question from Amy:

Why don’t you try scleral lenses?

Sue’s Answer:

My doctor feels I should wait on scleral lenses. They may be in my future. For now they’re on hold… But we will see what the future brings.

Sue VandePanne

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