Diana Adelman Answers Readers’ Questions

Diana Adelman Answers Readers’ Questions

I’d like to thank everyone for their questions. It’s important to remember that my routine – the things I do every day, my treatment plan – is specific to me and my set of conditions. They won’t necessarily work for everyone. Even so, learning what I do may help you develop a routine that keeps your eyes comfortable and works for you.

Question 1:

It sounds like you do a lot each day to stay comfortable. How much time does all of that take?

In the morning my routine takes maybe 10 minutes including a shower. Lid wiping takes 30 seconds. Irrigating takes something like 20 seconds. Drops are just seconds.

Steaming takes three minutes while I brush my teeth. Plus steaming is good for my skin.

Sleeping with moisture chamber goggles is a non-issue and washing them takes maybe a minute.

It’s not the length of time, it’s the discipline of doing it that matters. We’re all supposed to brush our teeth two times a day. So I wash my eye lids two times a day too.

Question 2:

What do you mean by steaming? What do you actually do?

Answer: I use a facial steamer. I fill the steamer with two cups of water (using the measuring cup that comes with the steamer) and turn it on. The water gets hot in about three minutes. I put my face close to the steamer, a couple of feet away, and close my eye for three minutes. Since I use the steamer while brushing my teeth, it doesn’t really add much time to my daily routine.

Question 3:

How much better are your meibomian glands?

Diana Adelman Answers Readers’ Questions

Answer: I had probing just a few days ago, on January 30, and had more glands open than ever before. There were 37 open glands in the left upper lid, 31 in the right upper. (My lids have a double fold. With 60 glands in the upper lids I’m a virtual oil factory). I tend to develop fibrosis in the glands, and probing pierces through that tissue.

I still had some aqueous deficiency in the right eye, so during my appointment the doctor partially cauterized the lower tear duct in that eye.

Question 4:

Do your eyes feel better in Seattle or in Florida?

Answer: My eyes definitely feel better in Florida. It could be the heat, the humidity, maybe allergies, or all of the above, or who knows what.

Question 5:

Do you work? Are your eyes comfortable enough to hold down a job?

Answer: Yes, I work full time. But without my daily routine and my annual appointments, I think it would be uncomfortable and difficult to hold down a job. There’s nothing like really bad eye discomfort. I’ll never forget it!

I’d like to add that no one should ever lose hope. In the beginning, until you find the care you need, it might seem daunting, especially when your eyes feel bad. It can be hard to search for anything – or do anything at all – when your eyes are uncomfortable. But these days, there are many effective treatments for many of the conditions that can happen under the Dry Eye ‘umbrella’ – like conjunctivochalasis or MGD. It’s a question of getting a really good diagnosis first, so you know what you have, and then treating what you have accordingly.

An Event That Will Stir Your Heart

(Please note: as of September 5, 2018, this event has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone about our first ever Dry Eye Retreat for patients, their families, and friends, in Williston, Florida, November 9-11, 2018.

Two Hawk Hammock, Williston, FL

We’ve created an event that will stir your heart. You’ll have a chance to connect with Dry Eye sufferers just like you, participate in face-to-face support groups, and make a difference. Register early to reserve your spot.

Note  – the event fee does not include accommodations, but there are plenty of hotels, B&B’s, and rentals in the area. Just book early because our event is during college football season. And if the Gators are having a home game that weekend, it might be hard to find a room.

I hope to see many of you there.

Diana Adelman
Executive Director, Not A Dry Eye Foundation

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