If You Have Dry Eye, This Post is for You

This post is for anyone suffering with bouts of Dry Eye that just never seem to go away.

Yep, there are a lot of us. Way too many in fact.

If You Have Dry Eye, This Post Is For You

It’s also for anyone with Dry Eye who’s ever heard, “but your eyes look fine.” (So annoying).

And it’s for anyone whose doctor prescribed another standard treatment while saying, “you’ll learn to live with it”. (Thanks for… not much).

If you had a good eye-day one day. But the next morning you woke knowing it was going to be a bad eye-day, this post is for you too. (Doesn’t everybody measure their days by how good their eyes feel?)

If you’ve seen lots of doctors — too many to count — for Dry Eye symptoms that don’t go away, this post is for you.

If You Have Dry Eye, This Post is for You

Anyone with Dry Eye who’s tried HRT or a different diet, all because you’re seeking relief from Dry Eye, we’ve thought about you.

If you have autoimmune or other diseases that cause Dry Eye, or take medicines that help another condition but cause Dry Eye, this post is for you too. (Sometimes it seems like you can’t win).

You might have strange Dry Eye symptoms. Your doctors don’t talk about them and you never hear about them (except maybe on this website). This post is definitely for you.

If You Have Dry Eye, This Post Is For You

Do you think you’ve run out of treatment options? This post is most definitely for you.

If you’re starting to feel desperate, we were thinking specifically of you.

If you’ve had suicidal thoughts, (or if you’re having them now, please immediately contact your local or national suicide prevention hotline), this post is especially for you, more than anyone else.

And even if you’ve found one of those rare doctors who actually understands what’s going on with your eyes, you’ve found relief, and you’re getting your life back, this post is for you too.

Because there are just two things that Dry Eye patients need to understand and embrace whole-heartedly.

First, you are not alone.

There are lots of us out there with some version of Dry Eye. It’s usually a condition that’s a lot more complex than just dry eyes. But still, it’s Dry Eye.

And second, there’s always hope.

Whatever you do, hang on to hope. You’ll have to persevere. You’ll have to find that rare, great doctor who can really help you. But you will.

And when you do, you’ll get better. You’ll get you’re life back.


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