Knowledge, Support, Hope

After months of preparation, the Not A Dry Eye Foundation is proudly launching its website and proceeding with its mission — promoting awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome.Not A Dry Eye Blog

The website will help Dry Eye sufferers around the world better understand their symptoms and conditions, while providing doctors, and other health care providers, information about diagnosis and treatment options.

Too many Dry Eye sufferers see too many doctors before they find the help they need, and this is the underlying motivation behind the Not A Dry Eye Foundation. Each of us lived through this harrowing experience, vowing that one day we would help others like ourselves.

And with the launch of this website, we are fulfilling our promise. Because we don’t think it’s OK for doctors to say, “you’ll learn to live with it” or “at least you don’t have cancer” when they’re faced with a difficult Dry Eye case. There are many different options now that doctors, and their patients, need to know about, both for diagnosis and treatment. And they can learn about these here.

Promoting Awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome

We’re also pleased that the website is designed specifically for people who suffer from Dry Eye, many of whom, like us, find it painful or uncomfortable to read or look at a computer screen. Clicking the “Listen” button at the top of each page lets users listen to the words on that page instead of reading, giving eyes a well-needed break.

We invite you to visit our website and learn all about Dry Eye Syndrome. And we hope you will come back often to learn about upcoming events, like virtual support groups and Ask a Doctor webinars, all of which will be in audio, minimizing the time you will spend looking at a computer screen.

In our hearts we believe that:

With knowledge there is power.

With support there is courage.

With hope there is healing.

Please join us in our journey to healing.

The founding board members of the Not A Dry Eye Foundation.

The Not A Dry Eye Foundation is a patient-driven 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome.